I have always loved art and the doing of it.  Aunt Kidy, my Other Mother, was an artist, although she always worked as an accountant for Magnolia Petroleum Co. She never married, and was the greatest influence on my "artistic development" as a child.

The Galleries entitled Drawings, Paintings, and Abstracts categorize my art as best I can manage.  You'll notice I do have some overlaps:  abstract drawings, for example.  My painting media include oils (traditional and water-based), acrylics, watercolors, pastels, permanent and waterbased inks.

Want to see my history as an artist?  My Works Before 1995 Gallery will let you see how my style/visual handwriting has developed and changed since the early 50s.  I do have drawings and a few other works from my childhood.  The earliest is a tiny rabbit drawing marked age 5.  Hope you'll enjoy my retrospectives.

All kinds of drawings, including water-based inks.
A partial list of media include oils (tradiitional and water-based), acrylics, watercolors, inks (permanent and non-permanent), pastels, colored pencils.
Anything not a photocopy is part abstract. Abstract art is a continuum from semiabstract, impressionistic, to total non-representational. You will also see here feelings portraits and expressions.
Works before 1995
My history as an artist. How my abilities have grown and changed over the years before 1995, when I studied with Betty Edwards and became a Certified Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Instructor..